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Ciao! I'm Susanna

Born in a peaceful small town on the seaside of Southern Italy, I have always been a young girl with innovative ideas, eager to explore the world, but with a downside: anxiety and lack of self-confidence. 

After spending my teenagerhood almost isolated from social life and between anime, Japanese movies, and music, the desire to escape from a small reality and discover what was out there led me to study Japanese in Rome and spend a year in Japan to deepen my knowledge.


It was hard to leave everything behind and go alone to the other side of the world. Still, that experience helped me become an adult and start my journey of growth and self-discovery. In fact, after coming back from Japan, I understood that Italy wasn't the right place for me to live yet, so I moved to London five years ago in pursuit of new opportunities and a more fulfilling life. 

In London, I found a corporate job that, at the time, was like landing on the moon! It was the perfect match between my studies and aspirations. Still, I soon realised that that was a Rat Race life that didn't suit me, and I started feeling anxious and unhappy again. 

Then the pandemic happened, and it wasn't until then that I truly appreciated the beauty of a slower pace and realised that a lifestyle dictated by a capitalistic society wasn't for me. 

That's when my artistic journey began during this unprecedented time in April 2020. During the lockdown, I discovered the healing power of art, mainly watercolours. They helped me see beauty in even the most challenging moments and transformed my perspective, seeing obstacles as opportunities. As a fine artist exploring different mediums, I embrace fluidity and adaptability, much like water, and I try to find balance and inner peace.



- Susanna Zema 

As an artist, my mission is to use my art to reconnect people with nature's beauty and majesty and raise awareness for wildlife protection and the need to care for our Earth. With a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world, I bring to life the vibrant colours of a sunset, the intricate patterns of a leaf, the majesty of a mountain range, and the grace, power, and gentleness of animals in my wildlife paintings.

Art can evoke emotions and spark meaningful conversations; my animal paintings are a testament to this. Through my work, I strive to showcase the different aspects of wildlife - from their majesty and strength to their more docile and gentle sides. My paintings will bring joy and positivity to those who view them and remind them of the importance of protecting and preserving the natural world.

Honesty, passion, and kindness are at the core of my practice, and I approach each painting with love and care to feed the human soul with colours and calm. All of my works are created with this mission: to share positivity, joy, and love for life through my art.

With my work, I want to positively impact the world and contribute to a more conscious and caring relationship with nature. My goal is to create art that looks beautiful, feeds the soul, and inspires us to live life to the fullest.



Art from the Heart - Artist of the Season, Winter 

"Grow in Strenght"

Flo Yoga Studio, London 

Solo Exhibition with LoCA


Patch St. Paul, London 

Solo small Exhibition with LoCA



Oceano Portugese Restaurant, London

Solo Exhibition with LoCA

"The Joy of Life"

Criklewood Library, London

Solo Exhibition


"Art in the Park"

Life painting competition by Art via You, London

1st place

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